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"The most vibrant neighbourhoods, the friendliest, the ones that are most child-safe, are the neighbourhoods where people know the name of the guy across the street, and the woman next door" - (Janet Yale, 2001)

Who We Are

The Debra Dynes Family House is a multiservice community resource in a low-income social housing area. Over 100 people per day from a wide geographic area access the programs and services of the Family House. Because of the high demand for services, the Family House was expanded in the spring of 1998 and is seeking to expand again. The House is open five days a week and four evenings, in addition to full programming and services during the day. (See programs and services section for more information). The Debra Dynes Family House was officially opened on June 1 1995 and is a Registered Charitable Organization, effective Aug 1 1996. The House was Incorporated March 2002.

Debra Dynes Family House is excited to announce that we now have a raised bed community garden. It is the Debra Dynes Community garden and it is located in the City of Ottawa Rideauview Park which is located directly in the community. Please click here to view our photogallery.

Mission Statement

The Debra Dynes Family House is committed to improving the quality of life for multi-culturally diverse families, children and youth who are low income and working poor, through a range of services and programs that are community driven and meet their needs.

A Work in Progress

The Debra Dynes Family House continues to evolve its services and programs to meet new needs and identify gaps in services. The work of the Family House and the community was recognized in 2001 through the United Way Community Builder Award for “Outstanding Neighbourhood Achievement”.

Moving Forward

We were thrilled to be named a recipient Charity of the Dragon Boat Foundation and were an active participant in the Tim Horton’s Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival,

We anticipate entering another team in the 2014 festival. Stay tuned for details on this wonderful event.

Check out how you can help and get involved!

If you need help please contact us If you have questions or comments please let us know. If you would like to become involved we are waiting to hear from you!

A sincere thank you to all of our friends, partners and volunteers for your support. You have made a difference. We look forward to future challenges of the next decade and remain committed to building a strong organization and a vibrant and dynamic community

Debra Dynes Family House Inc.
Executive Director: Barbara Carroll M.S.W.
955 Debra Ave - 85 Ottawa On. K2C 0J5
(613) 224-3824

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