Community members are experts in their needs, hopes & dreams of their community…it can be beneficial to
act together to achieve results & all community members have skills knowledge & abilities to contribute.





The Debra Dynes Family House Board is a group of dedicated volunteers consisting of community residents and residents from the wider community.

Board Members

Georgia Roberts - Chair Maria Cristina Penaloza - Member
Andrew Hubbertz – Vice Chair Timofei Pchenitchnikov - Member
Peter Organ - Treasurer Donna Heon - Member
Lauren Parlee - Secretary Gay Cook - Member
Melanie Moulongou - Member Lauren Parlee - Member
Lisa Fabian - Member Laura Dumont - Member

Each year the Debra Dynes Family House produces a snapshot of impacts and highlights from our programs and services. Take a closer look at our successes and challenges.

AGM Reports

Reports from the Ottawa Coalition of Community Houses

These reports provide Debra Dynes Family House with information on community needs and points of improvement from various perspectives.

Please contact Barbara Carroll, Executive Director if you require any further information.