Facts About Debra Dynes Family House
Is there a cook in the house?
  • The Debra Dynes Family House is a vibrant community hub that provides programming and services to a multi-culturally diverse core community of 180 Ottawa Community Housing Corporation units.
  • The Family House serves a much wider (and increasing) population through our Food Bank and seasonal services. We provide direct food assistance to approx. 1,300 people per month of which a large percentage are children.
  • The Family House is a first point of contact for many people needing services and referrals.
  • Individuals, families and children who use the Family House face significant barriers to accessing and participating in services and programs that are a taken for granted reality for many Canadians.
  • Transportation costs and the demands of parenting make it difficult to access or participate in programs and services outside of the community.
  • A unique feature of social housing communities is that they have high numbers of children and youth and this remains consistent over time. As a family leaves it is always replaced by another family.
  • Many of our services focus on children and youth. Strong starts, skill building and leadership development can and do have lifelong benefits.
  • The After 4 programs provided by the Family House provide a safe supported place for children from 22 different schools to access an after school snack, emergency school lunch program, homework assistance and computer, internet and printing that would not otherwise be available.
  • The Family House was created and is run almost entirely by service users who donate many hours of volunteer time. It has provided continuity and stability for 20 years in an area that is generally recognized by service providers to have struggled through years of neglect by social and human services as its physical location has placed it outside the boundaries of many established services.