The link between affordable housing, hunger and development, especially in our children, is connected to the level of
income of individuals and families. In order for a community as a whole to prosper, it is necessary to break down the
barriers that contribute to the increasing disparity of life situations within our society.




Dear Friends,

Since 1995 the Debra Dynes Family House has provided a wide range of services and programs to fill gaps and respond to need. Life remains a challenge for those who live in poverty or are working poor. The community has faced many new challenges that have impacted the lives of its members. The need for services directly where people can access them has never been greater.

Your generosity is important to us. See below for ways you can support Debra Dynes Family House.

By Mail

Debra Dynes Family House
955 Debra Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
K2C 0J5

*Note: If you would like a receipt, please make sure to include your name and mailing address.

In Person

Please contact: Barbara Carroll - Executive Director at the Family House.
Phone: (613) 224-3824


It is easy and convenient to donate online to Debra Dynes Family House. We have partnered with, a non-profit online donation portal. Simply click on the image to make an online donation:

Clothing and goods

If you have clothing or household items you wish to donate, please call 613-224-3824 to arrange a time to drop off items. We are willing and able to accommodate different times of the day.

For additional information on Charitable giving please go to:

The Debra Dynes Family House is a Registered Charitable Organization, effective Aug 1 1996 and listed in the CRA Directory as La Maison Familiale Debra Dynes.

(Debra Dynes Family House Charitable # 860064914RR0001).

Thank you for making a difference!