"Community members are experts in their needs, hopes & dreams of their community... it can be beneficial to act together to achieve results & all community members have skills knowledge & abilities to contribute"














About Debra Dynes Family House


Mission Statement

The Debra Dynes Family House is committed to improving the quality of life for multi-culturally diverse families, children and youth who are low income and working poor, through a range of services and programs that are community driven and meet their needs.

Barbara Carroll - Executive Director

Debra Dynes Family House Inc.

Executive Director:
Barbara Carroll M.S.W.
85-955 Debra Ave.
Ottawa On. K2C 0J5
(613) 224-3824

The Family House was officially opened in June 1995 and was incorporated March 2002.

The Debra Dynes Family House is a community driven organization and works under the direction of a volunteer Board made up of residents from the immediate and wider community.

Debra Dynes Family House Inc is the working/common name for the organization.

The Debra Dynes Family House is a Registered Charitable Organization, effective Aug. 1, 1996 and listed in the CRA Directory as La Maison Familiale Debra Dynes.

(Debra Dynes Family House Charitable # 860064914RR0001).

(Read more about the Family House here)

If you need help please contact us. If you have questions or comments please let us know. If you would like to become involved we are waiting to hear from you!

A sincere thank you to all of our friends, partners and volunteers for your support. You have made a difference. We look forward to future challenges and remain committed to building a strong organization and a vibrant and dynamic community.